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Sustainable Energy and a Brighter Future with your Solar Power Sunshine Coast Experts

Commit to a brighter future and a greener lifestyle with Eclipse Solar, your number one solar power Sunshine Coast experts. Since starting out in 2004, Eclipse Solar have grown into one of Australia’s leading suppliers of solar energy products and enjoy a marketplace reputation that reflects our dedication to detail, value and excellent customer service.

Eclipse Solar are based in Nambour on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia and are your major solar power Sunshine Coast stockists for branded REC technology. As a family-run Australian business ourselves, we are delighted to put our name alongside one of the country’s leading sustainable product manufacturers. Eclipse Solar are also stockists of  Dux solar hot water and Rinnai close coupled roof mounted systems.


 Why do I Need a Solar Power Sunshine Coast Service?

With traditional electricity costs spiralling, there will never be a better time to invest in our solar power Sunshine Coast services. We understand that times are getting harder and most families are already struggling to meet expensive utility costs from the major Australian electricity suppliers. By switching to solar hot water and electricity, you can save money AND be paid for the extra power that you create!


Committing to a Sustainable Lifestyle

All of us have a responsibility to future generations and taking advantage of our solar power Sunshine Coast technology is just one way of committing to a sustainable lifestyle that leaves behind a brighter future for our children and their families. By utilising the power and functionality of our full solar panel range, you will be able to help provide an alternative form of green, renewable energy that can protect and power our planet for many years to come.


Making Money with Solar Power Energy

Think of all the years that you have been relentlessly paying out money to cash-hungry electricity suppliers, and imagine a time where you will be regularly paid for creating that energy yourself. As well as having access to an inexhaustible supply of energy that can save you up to 80% on your existing household costs, our solar power Sunshine Coast range will enable you to sell back surplus electricity to the major suppliers at a substantial profit.


Your Solar Energy Options

As your leading solar power Sunshine Coast suppler, Eclipse Solar offers a full complement of products and services. We specialise in Dux and Rinnai sustainable systems and are delighted to offer the following examples from our extensive product catalogue and service range:

* Solar Power Panels

* Solar Power Inverters

* Solar Power Mounting Systems

* A Fully-Insured Installation Service


How Can I use Solar Power Energy?

When you use our solar power Sunshine Coast technology, you will be able to utilise the energy created for all of your electrical requirements. As well as running household appliances, you will also be able to generate heat and create solar hot water. Because we are always planning for the future with sustainability in mind, your own form of renewable energy can even be used to power electrical vehicles to make your commitment to a greener lifestyle even greater.


Commit to a greener future by calling your solar power Sunshine Coast experts on 1300 851 291 today.

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We are extremely happy with our Eclipse Solar panel system. The folks who came out knew their business. They took a look at our house, and our needs and were very clear about what we needed. I had done a lot of research on what was available and they ticked all of the boxes for us: Cost, quality of panels and inverters, warranty, and time to installation. They took their time to install the panels, taking care with our tiled roof and making sure it is looked aesthetically pleasing. I have recommended them to several people, including my own parents! They are knowledgeable, professional, and passionate about high quality solutions.
, Noosaville Apr 18, 2012

Eclipse Solar is rated 5/5 based on 6 testimonials.
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