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Solar Hot Water Rebates

Solar Hot Water Rebates

RECs – Renewable Energy Certificates

As part of its environmental commitments, the Federal Government is offering rebates to individuals who produce energy from renewable sources or displace energy usage from non-renewable sources. Solar hot water systems are included in this program.

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State Government rebates

Selected state governments within Australia also offer rebates to households installing solar hot water systems. These programs currently operate in the following states;

Queensland: You can be eligible for a $1000 dollars concessional rebate (for low income earners and pensioners) or $600 standard rebate, with a solar hot water system or heat pump.

Victoria: Only available as a point of sale discount.

South Australia: Concession card holders who install a new solar water heater or a new electric heat pump water heater may be eligible for a $500 solar hot water rebate from the South Australian Government.

Western Australia: $500 for gas boosted solar water heaters connected to a reticulated gas network $700 for LPG gas boosted solar water heaters where reticulated natural gas is unavailable.

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*This information is true and accurate as of 8/3/2012

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